Guiding you through choosing coffins


J T Byrne Funeral Directors offers support and advice on all aspects of funeral ceremonies, including choosing a coffin or cremation urn. As an independent family run firm working in Thornton-Cleveleys, Fleetwood and Lancashire we are equipped to help able to you make this final choice during this difficult time. We have a wide catalogue to choose from and will always do our best to accommodate any special requests that you or the deceased may have concerning the design of the coffins or the funeral urns.


Selection of Coffins, Urns & caskets

Choosing a cremation urn or a coffin for your deceased loved one can be an emotional process. At J T Byrne Funeral Directors, we carry funeral urns and coffins of all designs, materials and styles so that we can be certain you will find the right one for your needs. As with the entirety of the funeral planning process, we are available to make recommendations and provide support to clients in Thornton-Cleveleys and throughout Lancashire.


Personalised options

J T Byrne Funeral Directors offer a wide range of coffins, from the traditional to something more unique. Personalised coffins, featuring an inscription or even a personal photograph or picture, are a wonderful way to make the burial personal. We will do our very best to accommodate any special requests to give your loved one a funeral that truly reflects who they were.


Environmentally friendly coffins

Many people now choose to live in an eco-friendly manner, and it is an incredibly thoughtful act for both your loved one and the planet if you choose to honour their values and select an environmentally friendly coffin for their burial or cremation. J T Byrne Funeral Directors are able to offer a variety of beautiful and environmentally friendly coffins made out of responsibly sourced materials such as wicker, willow, bamboo, sea grass, cardboard or banana leaf.


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