Arranging funeral flowers 


Funeral flowers are a beautiful way for attendees to pay their respects to your loved one, and can act as a very personal tribute to the deceased. Whether you would like floral tributes or charitable donations in lieu, J T Byrne Funeral Directors are happy to accommodate your preferences. We offer compassionate and experienced services for both before and after the ceremony in Thornton-Cleveleys, Fleetwood and the Lancashire area.


Floral tributes 

Flowers may be sent to our premises on the day of the funeral and they will be handled with the utmost care. To order floral tributes and displays for the ceremony, we can either work with your own chosen florist or order flowers on your behalf, adding the total to your funeral account. After the ceremony, at your request, we can either place the flowers on a family grave or take them to a local Lancashire hospital or nursing home.


Gathering charitable donations

Your loved one may have made the request that donations be made to a charity of their choice rather than attendees purchasing flowers. We can assist with this process by collecting and forwarding the donations on your behalf, providing you with a full list should you desire it. There is also the option to place a collection box at the funeral service, where any donations will be added to your donations account before being forwarded to the charity of your choice. Our designated donations account is completely transparent, giving you peace of mind.


Publishing obituary notices

Many people choose to publish an obituary notice in the newspaper to announce the death. We will work with you to discuss your options and recommend the appropriate wording of an obituary, also providing personal family notices to accompany it if you wish. We can then present this personal card to you as a prayer memorial card after the funeral.

Placing an acknowledgement notice

Acknowledgement notices are usually placed in a newspaper within a week of the funeral, thanking attendees, those who sent flowers and cards and the minister. We can provide examples of acknowledgement notices and assist with personalisation and wording before sending it to be placed in the newspaper.


Anniversary and in memoriam notices

You may wish to acknowledge the anniversary of the death in the following weeks, months and years, and our experienced team at J T Byrne Funeral Directors can assist with placing these notices. Our staff understands that the grieving process takes time, and are extremely compassionate and sensitive to our clients and their needs.


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